22 dec. 2012

Också ett undergångsscenario

"Guatemala, the heart of Mayan culture, has started their festivities for the 13 Baktun - the last cycle of the Mayan calendar, due to end on Friday, December 21, 2012. But sadly the celebrations were dominated by staged government shows which were neither lead nor shared by indigenous communities or spiritual leaders.

On stage, non-indigenous peoples were wearing indigenous clothes in a folklore show while non-indigenous attendees from the Guatemalan elites were in the most important ceremonial Mayan center, Tikal, waiting for the new era to arrive. Indigenous peoples were left outside, were they were demonstrating, playing the traditional instrument Marimba.

The Guatemalan Federations of Mayan Radios reported early in the morning of December 20th. that authorities from the Mam - Mayan council were not allowed to enter the central plaza of the National Park Tikal, one of the places where the celebrations of 13 Baktun. Authorities from the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism denied them access, arguing that the area of ceremonies was cut off for the stage show."

Från Global Voices

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